Smoked DLT

Smoked DLT

EJ went through a bout of home shopping frenzy this past month. She does that every now and then. I think she has cabin fever taking care of the baby. Amongst her purchases was a big box of Korean style smoked duck.

They’re wonderfully smoked duck slices embedded in fat. We went nuts with it the first weekend. But then EJ got smoked duck overload. I had to take up the slack. I had found that smoked duck makes a great substitute for bacon.

It’s been my breakfast meat of choice lately. But I still have a lot of duck to consume. What’s the next logical step?

My rule for sandwiches is that the messier they are the better they taste. Supposedly smoked duck is healthier than bacon. Even if it isn’t it makes a great sandwich.


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7 thoughts on “Smoked DLT”

  1. One of your best thus far, almost serendipitous. Considering the popularity of duck lately, this DLT is on a high level, much higher than just a leftovers sandwich – I can imagine some snooty American ‘nice’ restaurant wanting to do something like this. And you’re right – that duck fat is much better for you than pork fat.

  2. Oh my, your SDLT sandwiches sound fantastic.
    I loved picking up smoked duck from the deli at EMart. My favorite restaurant in Dongtan was a smoked duck place. It was fantastic grilled at the table and wrapped in some baek kimchi. I think smoked duck hash with the potatoes fried in rendered smoked duck fat would be great. Or with greens and beans. Or sweet potato mash. Or baek kimchi slaw!

    • We’ve been using smoked duck as a bacon substitute in the household. Jian loves it for breakfast, and it’s more convenient than going to Costco for bacon. Maybe slightly healthier too.


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