All that chicken

My journey of eating away a whole chicken is complete (for now).  I hope this series at least showed you different possibilities of Korean (-related) dishes you can get out of a whole chicken or just an idea of another chicken dish you can make next time.

The most time consuming preparation is done on the day you break down a chicken, but also the rewards are worthwhile.  For me, making chicken stock can be a relaxing, calming activity on a rainy day.

Besides, chicken stock is a base for many dishes – Korean or not – so it’s always good to have some in the freezer.

Add a few seasonal ingredients to the stock with noodles and serve yourself a bowl of dak kalguksu (닭칼국수), a Korean version of chicken noodle soup.  If you are up for it, you can make the noodles too!

While you’re making chicken stock, enjoy the giblets in spicy-sour gochujang sauce.

Then your treats begin on another night.  Good as banchan (반찬; side dish accompanying rice), but if you are looking for some Korean Fried Chicken anju (안주; side dish accompanying alcoholic beverages), here is one that’s updated from my mom’s version.

On a really hot, sticky day, chogyetang (초계탕; chilled chicken soup) seasoned with vinegar and mustard can help bring back your appetite.

Don’t forget about our own chicken nuggets with a couple of simple, healthful ingredients including tofu and potato cream, dipped in honey-mustard sauce!

The funniest thing I’ve gotten in the last week while running this chicken series was a spam mail from a chicken feet importer.  In case anyone is wondering, I am not affiliated with any chicken business whatsoever.

Now go get your own chicken while I take a little break from all dishes chicken after this chicken marathon…


ice                   얼음       (eo reum)

summer           여름       (yeo reum)

rainy season   장마철    (jang ma cheol)