The (South Korean) Presidential Counsel on National Branding is hosting a cooking video contest called “Experience Korea–UCC Video Contest: My Korean Cooking Video” in collaboration with YouTube as a part of Korea’s hansik globalization push.

There are several rules and guidelines for submissions. One of the most important was that the cooking videos must present a simple to follow Korean recipe in English with either English, Japanese or Chinese subtitles. If the video is in Korean, the video must have English, Japanese or Chinese subtitles. The contest rules specifically state, “Foreigners get extra points in judging.”

So I submitted a stripped down version of my original galbi video. I removed most of the music soundtrack for this contest and re-upload it for the contest.

The videos have to be posted by March 31, 2010 but they will keep the contest open until April 30. The contest judges will factor in the number of views into their judgment of the best Korean food video.

My Galbi video is facing over seven pages worth of stiff competition, including Dan Gray from SeoulEats, Steve aka QiRanger and Aeri from Aeri’s Kitchen.

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