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When it starts raining, without fail, my mind is auto-directed to seeking foods I’m supposed to eat on rainy days – slurp the hearty yet light soups like kalguksu (칼국수; noodle soup), potato sujebi (수제비; gnocchi soup) and bite into crispy, savory pancakes like scallion pancakes (파전; pa jeon) and mung bean pancakes (빈대떡; bin dae tteok) dipped in soy sauce.  Not that I’m complaining about my set cravings for this rainy day repertoire.

garlic chives

Another kind of savory pancake that seems to be more reserved for homes than restaurants is chive pancake (부추전; bu chu jeon) which is made with garlic chives, also referred to as Chinese chives.  The flavor of strong garlic chive is mellowed out in flour-egg batter and complimented with the crispy outside – soft inside contrast.

Instead of commonly used flour for the batter, or even easier pre-packaged batter mix, I used sweet rice flour (찹쌀가루; chap ssal ga ru or glutinous rice flour) to add tender-chewiness inside.


I also had some leftover baby beets – red, yellow and candy – from salad the other day, so I made use of them to brighten up the usually green spread.


garnish         고명  (go myeong)

batter/dough  반죽  (ban juk)

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