The Hebrew word chametz includes yeast and other leavening products and bread products made with those products, such as bread, tortillas, cakes and scones. Chabad of Korea can help you deal with these items appropriately. (Tammy Quackenbush photo of Yuja Marmalade Butter on buttermilk buscuits)


If you’re of the Chosen in 조선 Joseon (a Jew living in Korea) and wondering what to do and where to go for פסח Pesach (Passover, which begins the evening of April 18), contact Chabad of Korea. The Jewish outreach organization has been in Korea since 2008.

Matzah is the Hebrew word for unleavened bread. It's a simple mix of wheat flour and water that is baked within 18 minutes after the flour and water come together. (Jeff Quackenbush photo)


Through Chabad you can order מצה matzah (unleavened bread eaten during the seven-day festival), sell your חמץ chametz (leavened and leavening items such as bread and yeast) and sign up for a seder (Pesach observance meal) so you can celebrate Pesach with other Jews.

Rabbi Litzman of Chabad Korea said, “There is no deadline at all,” for putting in your order but be realistic and put in your order as soon as possible to have it in time for Pesach.

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