Traditional Korean Recipes

[Test Recipe] Temple Food Series: Baby King Oyster Mushroom Gangjeong 아기 새송이 버섯 강정


Baby King Oyster Mushroom Gangjeong


  • 1 pack Baby Oyster Mushrooms
  • Peanuts, crushed
  • Potato Starch or Corn Starch
  • 1/2 t Korean-style Soy Sauce
  • 1/2 t Sesame Oil
  • 1/2 t Rice Alcohol (mirim, sake, cheongju)
  • Black Pepper to taste


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[Test Recipe] Temple Food Series: Deulkkae Kalguksu 들깨갈국수

TEST RECIPES ARE WORKS IN PROGRESS AND NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME. This vegan temple food noodle soup takes full advantage of Deulggae, Perilla Seeds. The flavor from these seeds is a hallmark of Korean temple cuisine and country-style cooking in general. This recipe...

Recipe: Korean Tofu “Steak”

Not THAT Tofu Steak A larger variation of many traditional Korean pancakes, Tofu Steak was trendy for a while in dieting circles. The "steak" in this sense is supposed to resemble the Korean and Japanese versions of Hamburger Steak. It's basically Tofu Meatloaf. You...

Recipe: Beef Soondubu Jjigae (순두부 찌개)

I've been fortunate enough that this current winter has thankfully been the mildest I've had in Korea yet. But we're still talking negative double digit temps here on some nights so it's no surprise I've been craving a lot of hearty and warm dishes for dinner lately....

Douceurs au miel et aux epices, recettes medicinales coreennes

Dans la tradition de la cuisine coréenne, ou la cuisine asiatique en générale, le terme « dessert » n'existe pas… cependant, il ne manque pas de recette sucrée ! En les découvrant, nous pouvons voir une autre utilisation du sucre se mêlant avec du sel et des...

Fried Seasoned Zucchini (호박볶음 hobak bokkeum)

Zucchini are coming into season in California now, and I received a medium-sized one in my community-supported agriculture package last week. I could have again made 호박전 hobak jeon (zucchini pancake), which is always tasty. Another option was 궁중 떡볶이 gungjung...

Recipe: Kale Kimchi

Recently, I joined a CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm affiliated with our local community college. Our CSA promises, "a share of whatever is ripe and ready to eat." That share recently included a small bunch of kale. Hubby is not a fan of kale, and I have...

Recipe: One Pot Soybean Sprout Rice

In addition to oodles of cold noodles in this sweltering heat, another life saver for meals at home has been one pot cooking dishes which also don't (or minimally) use open-flame gas ranges. Soybean Sprout Rice (Kongnamul Bap 콩나물밥) was one of my favorite simple dishes...

Modern Recipes

Salade a la dorade crue sauce coreenne

Cela fait un moment que l'Occident a découvert les mets de poisson cru. Depuis, nous avons vu tant de restaurants de sushi et cela proposant tous à peu près les mêmes choses. N'est-ce pas maintenant qu'il est temps de changer et varier le plaisir de cet ingrédients ?...

Doenjang Pork Chops

The Bos Life, the supplier of artisan meats, recently sent us some of their fine meats and asked if we could help them spread the word about them. Among the ZenKimchi team, I volunteered to take on the challenge. When I saw that the sample pack would contain some pork...

Korean Style Arrabbiata Sauce

"Fusion" Korean-Italian dishes aren't unique in Korea but they're often quite pretentious. Pasta dishes in general still convey a "luxurious" image in Korea and this somehow justifies the often exorbitant prices in restaurants for Italian dishes (with their names...

[Francais] Rosbif & Kimchi de concombre à la coriandre

Est un ensemble qui va bien avec l'été, léger, simple et élégant. On savoure le contraste entre le croquant du concombre et la tendresse juteuse de la chair, la verdure fraiche et la rose nue. De petits piques espiègles de piment rouge dans le baume douillet de...

Sunday Pork Roast Bossam

I'd been craving an old-fashioned Sunday Roast. I didn't care what meat. EJ saw that some giant cuts of pork were on sale. She bought two for W10,000. She said, though, that she wanted Bossam. I figured we could compromise. If David Chang can do a roast for Bossam, so...

Adzuki Bean Brownies

Adzuki are small red beans commonly used in Korean, Japanese and Chinese confections. Called 팥 pat in Korean, these beans have a natural sweetness uncommon in legumes. Added sugar or honey during boiling to make the bean paste accentuates the sweetness for use in a...

Gochujang Pasta

Gochujang (고추장) is one of Korea's most important "mother sauces." It is the backbone of many popular recipes: 닭갈비 dakgalbi, 김치찌개 kimchi jjigae and 떡볶이 tteokbokki. It's also used to make 쌈장 ssamjang, the quintessential barbecue condiment. Gochujang's fermented yet...

Korean Kitchen Hacking

Recipes for kitchens in Korea

Crispy Onions Rings made with SOJU!

One night, I noshed on a multi-hour old onion ring. It was still light and crispy. Not greasy. It came from our new little experiment that we’ve implemented at OK Burger on the Cheonggyecheon.

Korean Kitchen Hacking: Lasagna almost totally from scratch

Korea has gotten much better for finding foreign products than when I started this blog. But some stuff is still difficult to find. One thing I have never made in Korea is lasagna. That already requires a good bit of work even if you do have ingredients on hand. What...

Cold brew coffee: Easy, cheap, delicious and home-made

Following up on the theme of my last post regarding a coffee question from a ZenKimchi reader, I thought I would share my personal method for making cold brew coffee. If you ask a coffee connoisseur  to recommend a 'coffee maker' for you, they will probably giggle...

Korean Kitchen Hacking: The Turducken Roll

Being Korean American, my family had a lot of learning to do in the American culture department. Peeled apple on a chopstick was my lollipop.  I once heard Oprah say that moms who lovingly cut the crust off their kids' sandwiches - THAT was love.  I needed to know mom...

Korean Kitchen Hacking: Pressing Cheese in a Sink Drainer

Making cheese isn’t something I’ve ever been interested in. I’ve just been interested in eating it. It wasn’t until I came to Korea that my interest for cheese consumption collided with cheese production. After realizing I could make my own cottage cheese and ricotta, it wasn’t a big leap to making pressed cheeses.

How to make Chicken Chipotle Tostadas in Korea

EDITOR'S NOTE: Chipotle peppers recently turned up at local E-Marts. In celebration of this find, guest blogger Noe A. has given us this recipe. It's not a Korean dish, but it's another dish that people living in Korea can make. Avocado is optional, corn tortillas can...

How to celebrate Pesach (Passover) in Korea in 2011

  If you're of the Chosen in 조선 Joseon (a Jew living in Korea) and wondering what to do and where to go for פסח Pesach (Passover, which begins the evening of April 18), contact Chabad of Korea. The Jewish outreach organization has been in Korea since 2008.  ...

Thanks, High Street Market

I think I'm the last K-blogger to go to High Street Market. I was in Itaewon heading to Korean class when I saw the editor for 10 Magazine standing outside the door of the building (I have classes in the same building as the 10 office). He had a long narrow package...

Korean Kitchen Hacking: DIY Butter

I've had it up to here with E-Mart. Their motto seems to be "If you want it we don't have it." Lately, this four-story megamarket has been out of butter. They have two aisles of freezer dedicated to mandu, which I rarely see people buy. But butter has been one of...

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