Thank you for your interest in supporting Restaurant Buzz Seoul and the enthusiastic foodie community.

Restaurant Buzz Seoul has a membership of over 14,000 active foodies. The administration team aggressively filters out bad actors. Only 20% of member applicants make it through. Local and international media and tastemakers use RBS to find the best Seoul has to offer.

Restaurant Buzz Seoul happily accepts posts from community members reviewing restaurants and sharing restaurant news. We value our restaurant and foodie community, and we want it to thrive.

Promotional posts from businesses and friends of businesses can go through the RBS Sponsored Posts program. These do not include crucial information like business holiday closures or mentions of businesses in comments.

Promotional posts intentionally promote businesses, events, specials, menus, and menu items. These posts can go through the RBS Sponsored Posts Program.

We have a solution.

Advertisements in traditional media cost W50,000 to W500,000. You can go that route.

We also ask that you consider dropping W20,000 for a smarter, more effective ROI for your business.

Yes. Just W20,000.

Here are the sponsored products we offer.

Each is just $20 (W20,000).

  • Promoting a business 
  • Promoting a restaurant event or special
  • Promoting a menu or menu item
  • Sponsored Event
    • Restaurants can add events to RBS, which will get traffic directly from RBS members
    • RBS members can directly RSVP for events



How about a Subscription?

Subscription: $50/month through PayPal or credit card

Subscription includes the following:

  • Up to three unique promotional posts per week
  • Up to four unique events per month


  • It’s way more cost effective than traditional advertising
  • The recurring subscription means that you don’t need to submit payment each time you post
  • Cancel any time

How It Works

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. You will receive an invoice.
  3. Pay easily and securely online with credit card (USD) or PayPal (USD), or transfer to bank account (KRW).
  4. Submit a post or event as you normally would in RBS.
  5. Your Sponsored Post or Event is approved.

    Please allow up to 12 hours for responses.


    Rules for Sponsored Posts and Events

    • Posts should include the business name
    •  Posts should not do any of the following
      • Disparage any other business or person, directly or indirectly
      • Promote anything illegal
      • Promote other businesses without their express permission
    •  Businesses can try to skirt the system by posting fake reviews or using third parties to post their specials. They can try. They also risk the user and the business from being banned from RBS. We have sharp people in our group, and they are good at sniffing out fraudulent posts.
    •  RBS admins and moderators will monitor comments on sponsored posts. They will not delete negative comments. Yet they will use their discretion to monitor and delete direct attacks, but they cannot protect sponsors from legitimate comments, be they positive or negative. It is up to the business to handle its own public relations in the comments.
    •  Businesses who sponsor posts will not be immune from legitimate negative reviews. (Just in case any RBS members think we’re playing favorites.)
    •  RBS admins and moderators will work their best to keep the comments on Sponsored Posts & Events free and open for member discussion. Comments help keep posts current and at the top of the group’s feed. Please don’t abuse this.
    •  RBS admins have the right to reject a sponsored post if it doesn’t fit community guidelines. If a post is rejected, a refund will be given.
    •  An admin or moderator will post in the comments that the post is sponsored.

    Best Practices

    Successful posts include the following.

    • An enticing photo or sets of photos featuring food and people enjoying the food.
      • Interior shots of empty restaurants don’t work
      •  Menu photos and graphics are great, and they work better when accompanied with food photos
    • Graphics with a lot of text don’t work as well as good honest clean photos of food and people. Make it look like a normal post to avoid “ad blindness.”
    • Include as much pertinent information as possible, including location and prices.
    • Storytelling works well. Try to incorporate that into your post.


    Where does this money go?

    Funds from Sponsored Posts & Events will go to ZenKimchi International. Some will also be reserved for special functions for RBS members. A portion will fund charity projects like the Seoul Sexy Chef Calendar.

    Will reviews of businesses require payment?

    No. All reviews from RBS members will go on as normal, providing they’re honest and haven’t been paid for by businesses themselves. That was an established rule anyway.

    What about promotional posts for blogs?

    For now, we will allow posts from bloggers that don’t abuse the system. We may introduce a mutually beneficial program for bloggers in the next phase.

    Can I get a receipt?

    Our business is registered as 간이. We don’t qualify to give e-tax invoices (전자세금계산서), but we can give traditional 입금표 and send them to you.