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A Walk Among the Graves: The Cemetery Tour


Take a light hike in a cemetery to learn of important traditions and lore surrounding the dead.

NEW: Zen Up with Temple Cuisine

Vegan-friendly cooking course with a Buddhist nun, followed by vegan temple cuisine lunch in a cool restaurant and tea in a romantic teahouse.

NEW: Majang Meat Market Experience

Our premium meat lovers tour! High end Korean Hanwoo beef at Korea’s only meat-only market

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High end luxury and corporate experiences.

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If you enjoy good food and want to learn about eating habits and table manners in korea, it’s the ideal solution.


The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out

Although I’m not a believer of ghosts, it was still awesome to learn the history of all those places!



It’s a tour which is off the normal tourist track which makes it even better.


The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out

The Dark Side of Seoul Tour was a blast! Joe was a knowledgeable and accommodating guide that told interesting stories with a dramatic flair! I was legitimately creeped out by a few of them.


Dark Side of Seoul

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Our guides are old hats in Seoul, Korea. Some are bloggers. Some are interpreters. Some are chefs and food writers. They ALL have a passion to show visitors around their ‘hoods.

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These aren’t conventional tours. These are the insiders’ guides to Seoul with no propaganda and no trips to salesmen.

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Michelin Guide Seoul: Why You Shouldn’t Rely On It

Michelin Guide Seoul: Why You Shouldn’t Rely On It

Two articles recently came out on Korea Exposé about Seoul's Michelin Red Guide. KÉ Interview: British Food Critic Roasts Michelin Guide on Seoul   What the British Food Critic Doesn’t Know The first interviews British critic Andy Hayler, who claims to have eaten in...

Top Things To Do In Seoul: Palaces

Top Things To Do In Seoul: Palaces

The Short and Blunt Guide to Seoul's Palaces Palaces are one of the top things to do in Seoul. If you're coming to Seoul for a short time just go to one palace. Seriously. From my own experience and from talking to guests on our...

Daejon: Three lessons from a hotel breakfast

Daejon: Three lessons from a hotel breakfast

My first destination on a mid-May 10-day tour of Korea was the city of 대전 Daejeon, more than two hours south of the Incheon airport by express bus. View of downtown Daejeon as we entered near dusk on the express bus from Incheon airport. (credit: Jeff Quackenbush) I...

The Worst Korean Restaurants are the Expensive Ones

This is the first part in the Korean Food Globalization series. The Ajosshies-in-charge (AiC), particularly pottery maker and yangban blowhard Cho Tae-kwon (recently featured in this Korea Times article), have been steering the great ship of Korean food promotion...

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Adventures we have on our excursions

Our First Official Food Tour

Since I first started the Food Journal, I have been talking about doing Korean food tours. Finally, we're getting around to doing them professionally. We've assembled a great team, with Veronica Kang's deep connections in the restaurant industry, Jennifer Flinn's...

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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: South Korea

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: South Korea

We're reaching the end of the hype week for the South Korea episode of "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern." This has all been in the works since we first got the call to help with the show back in August 2008.  I don't think I have another Bizarre Foods post left in...

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The Original ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal

Promoting Korean Food, Chapter 4: Y2Y Marketing

Promoting Korean Food, Chapter 4: Y2Y Marketing

A few years ago I was asked to write a small book on promoting Korean food. I finished the manuscript, but it never got published. The publisher ended up going out of business. Here is the old manuscript for your enjoyment, posted in segments. Keep in mind that...

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Crispy Onions Rings made with SOJU!

Crispy Onions Rings made with SOJU!

One night, I noshed on a multi-hour old onion ring. It was still light and crispy. Not greasy. It came from our new little experiment that we’ve implemented at OK Burger on the Cheonggyecheon.

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