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I’ve been wanting to introduce people to the Korean side of the food blogosphere.  So every now and then I’ll toss a Korean language blogger your way to add to your subscriptions.  Even if you don’t read Korean, the blogs are worth having around.  Most of the Korean language food blogs are picture heavy anyway with sparse commentary–like Seoul Eats without the dog pictures (ha, ha–just kidding Dan).

Moon Sung Sil has a lot.  She’s one of the original “wifeloggers,” and her specialty is home cooking.  She’s also one of the more financially successful Korean food bloggers out there.  With a handful of cookbooks published (we own one of them, and it’s not too bad), speaking gigs, product partnerships and some recent fame on Korean TV commercials, she’s doing pretty well.

I’ve been a fan of her since the Joshing Gnome posted something about the K-bloggers and wifeloggers going at each other a la West Side Story.  I’ve been subscribed to her blog ever since.  She’s cute, peppy and practical.  So what if she hawks things?  Bloggers are allowed to make money too.  Just filter past that, and you have a nice informative blog.

Here’s a little video of her promoting the cookbook we use in our house.

Here’s her new commercial for Finish dishwashing detergent.


Banchan for January 21st, 2010

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5 thoughts on “Profile: Moon Sung Sil”

  1. Yeah, Joe…people like puppies and kitties. When I went on vacation last fall, I had one of my kitties guest blog. One of my subscribers asked me when she was coming back!

  2. Wifelogger….too funny! Guess thats me too, only I don’t have anything to sell. Oh well, I wouldn’t know how to make money off of all my opinions anyway. I certainly don’t fault someone else for being good at it.


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