It’s funny how I stumble upon new Korean food blogs. Do a search on Google, and you don’t find many at the top of the search. I found these blogs through another blog about women in Asia.

Chocopie is an English language blog written by a Korean woman living in Seoul. She hasn’t posted in a long, long while, but it’s full of Korean foods and snacks through a Korean point of view.

Grilled_Aubergine is a blog that seems to have existed for a short period. Written by a woman who worked for a broadcasting company in Korea, she documented great Korean food with great pictures.

Rachel Lynn Seoul is not exclusively about food, but she writes a LOT about it. She’s an English teacher and seems to have adapted well to the heathenist lifestyle many of us in Asia share.

NOW… I need your help…
PLEASE, tell me about any Korean food blogs you come across. I try to hunt them down, but it’s becoming harder than Rachel Ray trying to cook without a can opener.