And then there were four…

Wow! A year ago I started the Food Journal to try to fill the void left by Fat Man Seoul. Now I see there are four English language Korean food blogs residing in Korea.

(If there are any other Korean food blogs inside Korea that I haven’t featured, please tell me.)

My Korean Kitchen does what I wish I could do here. It is a practical “step by step” recipe guide. Sue uses great photography and creates great food. Check out the bossam. Then the doenjang jjigae. Oh, and she cooks with oysters too. Mashikita! (Eun Jeong, are you reading this?)

It started when her husband told her he wished there was a site to explain Korean ingredients to foreigners. So far, it’s mostly been recipes for Korean food — and they’re great. She’s filling a too long empty void on the Internets. We have needed My Korean Kitchen for a long time.

Thank you, Sue!

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