It looks like our favorite YouTube Korean cooking diva Maangchi has been getting some press lately, in both Korean and English.

Maangchi shares:

Dakshana Bascaramurty wrote about me in The Globe and Mail last week, which is Canada’s biggest newspaper. Ever since then I’ve been getting so many interview requests from newspaper reporters and TV and radio broadcasting companies.

All major Korean newspapers and internet news portals have been reporting on the Globe and Mail article for days. I’m surprised at the tremendously powerful effect of the Globe and Mail newspaper!

These are the articles that I found on the internet (hehe, sorry, you can’t read it because it is written in Korean, but at least you can see the photo of my face on the kimchi video):

A little trivia about her I didn’t know. “Maangchi” was her name when she played online games, so she used that for her cooking videos.

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