The Miele Guide’s Top Five Restaurants in Korea

Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul (Korea Times)

The new edition of the Miele Guide will include a top five list for each country.  In case you’re curious, here are Korea’s top five restaurants:

1. Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul (Lotte Hotel)

2. Seasons (Millennium Hilton)

3. Akasaka (Grand Hyatt Seoul)

4. Yongsusan (Chungdam location)

5. Table 34 (Grand InterContinental Seoul)

I’ll admit that I haven’t been to any of these restaurants.  Trying to accumulate the pocket change to do so.  All these restaurants are in Seoul and, unlike the Miele Guide from last year, they don’t all reside in the same hotel.


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7 thoughts on “The Miele Guide’s Top Five Restaurants in Korea”

  1. I’ve been to Table 34. A friend was a waitress there.

    I went for a late, leisurely lunch one day and got “service” and a tour of the place. Enjoyable, and not terribly expensive.

  2. I’ve actually eaten at all of these, and while they are good, they can’t (yet) compare internationally. It is striking that our best restaurants are (almost) all in hotels, a clear sign that we have a long way to go on a global culinary scale.

  3. Haha. True dat! Each year is definitely better than the previous one. Incidentally, congratulations on your wedding! I’ll have to send you a couple of cigars soon…


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