The Brunching Trend?

The International Herald Tribune purports that brunching is the new dining trend in Korea.


That brand spankin’ new five day work week.

The article also passes on the claim from other newspapers and restaurant owners that there may be 200 restaurants that serve an American style brunch.

200? Where?

I know of Suji’s, Butterfinger Pancake, and that other one Miss Koco talked about (she loves to brunch). If there were a lot my network would have told me about it, right?


Are they all hogging the blueberry pancakes?

I wonder if these sources from the IHT are counting the new Paris Baguette Cafes, the ones that now serve “brunch,” which consists of three items: french toast, continental breakfast (croissant), and fried chicken salad. And they never have the bread bowl soup whenever I go there. They just advertise it on big posters in front of the store.

I’m saving my rant on Paris Baguette for later–with photographic evidence.

A croissant a brunch makes not.

Can anyone tell me where these supposed 200 brunch stops are?


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4 thoughts on “The Brunching Trend?”

  1. They are cropping up here and there. There’s a new place in our ‘hood, Ceci Cela, that serves “brunch.” (Allegedly Belgian waffles and pancakes.) The one time I’ve been there, the food was underwhelming (sort of fusion Korean [cheese waffles were a slice of processed cheese over a plain waffle). Plus, it’s overpriced.

    The French restaurant in Seoraemaeul, La Trouvaille, serves an excellent brunch, though.

    There’s another place nearby that serves brunch, I think, but I am forgetting the name. It’s mostly a date-night type place for the young ‘uns and serves lots of coffee and desserts, but also does sandwiches and some western brunch-type foods.

    Not all “brunches” are created equal, though. You are definitely right on that score. Most won’t come close to La Trouvaille or Suji’s or Butterfinger Pancake.

    Personally, I don’t think you get to call it a good brunch until you have the full bar with which to mix up a good Bloody Mary, so that rules most of them out. 😉

  2. I often have brunch in Itaewon. There’s the flying pan, and I often go to one of the places in the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel, near the Three Alley Pub. There’s a Belgian restaurant there, up some stairs from Pattaya, that serves nice waffles and excellent omelettes. Painfully slow service on the waffles, though! How can a Belgian restaurant have only one waffle iron, to make two waffles at a time?!?

  3. Where is Butterfinger Pancake? Never heard of it.

    Went to Philly’s in Haebongchon today for brunch. Good Clamato Bloody Mary’s(Ceasar)! Breakfast menu not bad at all. Indigo also OK, not great, I thought Philly’s was better. Indigo has a nice atmosphere, though.

  4. Hey ZK,

    Noticed this trend earlier this year. Try looking in the area around the 3 Alley’s Pub. Saw a few places there and they where packed.


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