Taco Bell Korea Opens on July 11th

Well, it was originally slated to open in May. Just a few months off.

Their web site is now up.

I’ve noticed something distinctly non-Korean on the site. It says “Grand Opening,” not the Konglish “Grand Open.”

I also have stopped by the building recently, and it looks fairly classy for a Taco Bell–like a Taco Bell Starbucks Cafe. Lots of purple.


Japchae as Street Food Stuffing

North Korean Tacos?


11 thoughts on “Taco Bell Korea Opens on July 11th”

  1. The website has a D-counter. I never saw that in the US. Maybe I didn’t notice it until I came to Korea. Or is it mainly a Korean thing?

  2. This Ad is so chessy and way too long. Low class voice and marketing. Though I admit they have a lot of stores and serious money behind them.

    Joe, do they have the kimchi tacos? Thinking tacos then hit Hangang gongwon with wine.

  3. No pics of the exterior?

    I hope they don’t have double-the-US pricing like last time, which sort of defeats the purpose of Taco Bell to begin with: cheap eats of sufficient quality.

    • I’m always around photo-worthy stuff when I don’t have a camera on my
      person. My apologies. For now, I hope my detailed description will suffice.

    • I remember when they were in Korea the last time and they didn’t last very long. They alienated the ex-pat clientele with the prices and the Korean clientele couldn’t get use to savory beans. I’m hoping the Korean palate has grown up since then, unless Taco Bell really thinks that ex-pat traffic alone will keep them afloat.

      • On the Border and Tomatillo have had good success. Dos Tacos has
        expanded rapidly. I think Koreans have started getting used to the taste
        of Mexican food. North Indian is still more popular, from my casual

  4. WoW thats great news, its been a while since i went to their place I never knew that Korean Resto was opened. Well my craving for Korean food will be off.. thanks


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