Special SeoulPodcast: A Talk with Stephanie White, Mother of Michael White

In a special edition of the SeoulPodcast, we talk to Stephanie White, the mother of Michael White, who died recently under suspicious circumstances at a sauna near Daegu.


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3 thoughts on “Special SeoulPodcast: A Talk with Stephanie White, Mother of Michael White”

  1. Hi there! Love the website/blog and especially the effort to get other Korean food websites out there. I’m not sure if you have this one yet. She is an independent lady who has built a following from her Youtube shows and now she has a DVD and cook book out : D Her recipes are great and doesn’t require unobtainable ingredients (at least unobtainable for those of us in middle United States)



  2. Thanks. I subscribed to the podcast on iTunes a while back, but I never got around to hunting down the originating web site. It’s a good one. I like her vids.


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