And now, my friends, is when, like many things in Korea, events become surreal.

The U.S. beef weird-coaster is riding the chain to the top, about to be launched. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has executed an emergency Sunday press conference to calm down the panic in Korea over the media’s scare tactics in generating fear amongst the public of mad cow disease in American beef.

I guess they didn’t expect the Korean news media, creators of the great fictional series “Fan Death,” to come out with another hit, “All American Beef Will Melt Your Brain.”

So now this is becoming a big liability, with media outlets pressuring the Korean president and government officials to eat American beef on TV to prove it’s safe.

I wish I was making this up, folks. What do they think will happen? They think Lee Myung-bak’s head will explode like on Scanners?


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