SK Government Plans to Label Beef

Yonhap News Agency reports that more stringent measures are in the works, where on June 18th, the South Korean government will require restaurants and caterers to label where each cut of beef comes from prominently enough so that consumers can choose for themselves. In the case where something like a stew is made from beef from different countries, it has to state that “in detail.”

I don’t know what the “in detail” means beyond saying what country it’s from. Maybe they need to also state the country’s GNP and national bird or something?

For now, this will definitely prevent restaurants from purchasing American beef, on top of all the major supermarket chains proclaiming they won’t sell it. The question, like many issues in Korea, is will they enforce it?

The current climate is still poisoned against American beef, but more and more rationality in the media is slowly creeping in. I am of the mind right now that America should accept South Koreans’ calls to renegotiate the beef deal. The request to not import beef older than 30 months old is not a big request to make. Just go ahead and do it. Even though, in reality, it doesn’t change anyone’s susceptibility to mad cow disease, it gives the impression that America is working to make it safer for South Koreans. And that’s what is at the heart of the matter. People feel like big ol’ America is bullying South Korea around. Consciously come across as the gentle giant instead of the schoolyard bully, even if the latter reputation is undeserved.


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4 thoughts on “SK Government Plans to Label Beef”

  1. This anti-U.S. beef protests are little more than the classic
    xenophobia that has ingrained itself in Korea since the days it
    was called “The Hermit Kingdom.”

    The whole point of students at the
    streets is “why we should have a lower standard for importing beef from the US than one in Japan. The fact that Japan has a higher standard can make Japan the Hermit Kingdom? It is not the classic xenophobia but the anger towards the incompetent liar who’s now at the Blue House that explains what is happening out there. Get the point.


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