ZenKimchi on American Radio–Listen Online

The Seoul episode of Peter Greenberg Worldwide is now online for your listening enjoyment.  Listen to faves of the K-blog world, including Robert “The Marmot” Koehler, Robert “The Other Robert” Neff, Stephen “Mag 10” Revere, and at the end of the first hour Joe “ZenKimchi” McPherson.


Roasted Turkeys at E-Mart

Buying Coffee Beans from the Chains


1 thought on “ZenKimchi on American Radio–Listen Online”

  1. I thought the host of the show was a little disrespectful of the food culture here. It seems like whoever is covering the local food, always goes for the shock factor. Nobody talks about all the cool things. Some of the best bakeries are here, combining French technique with Korean ingredients. How about the great stir fry? Spicy pork with onions cabbage and peppers, yum!
    I enjoyed listening to the French guy talk about all of the beautiful leaves and greens here too. Really, people, this is good stuff. I’m pretty sick of the “fear factor” thing going on. Besides, how weird are our hot dogs and cheese? Don’t people know that real dill pickles are fermented the same way kimchi is? So, I guess it is all what you grew up on. I just wish people would be more open minded. I think that expanding our palates is like doing push ups, we get more flexable and strong as we push ourselves.


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