As mentioned, I was on the popular program Star King as a judge for their kimchi jjigae competition. Celebrities like K-pop group Super Junior were also on (Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk, is one of the hosts).

The judge panel itself was composed of big names in Korean food. I was freaked out that they put me on the same panel as them.

The show starts out with a summary of the initial round. I think 100 people cooked in this one. I wish they dedicated a whole episode to that because there were some interesting jjigaes being made with some interesting people. I thought the American woman making kimchi jjigae with yellow pickled radishes and convenience store kimchi was groovy.

The crew asked me for some pics. I directed them to my Flickr account. You may notice at 19:30 when they introduce me, a picture of my brother, Chef Ben, flashes. (Oh well… good job Ben!)

Even if you don’t understand Korean, you can easily follow what’s going on. And get ready to DROOL!

**If you have trouble viewing the video on this page click here**

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