The cover story in the April issue of Groove is about the rise of sandwiches in Seoul (p. 36). Any expat here has experienced that odd creature that is the Korean sandwich. It’s where sandwich art goes to die. Ham, cheese, and strawberries. BLT with tartar sauce. Today, I saw at Paris Croissant a new fish sandwich that had a fried fish fillet, lettuce, tartar sauce, and… sweet bulgogi sauce. It’s like Korean sandwich makers get 60-80% of the sandwich just right and think, “Now, how can I totally fuck this up?”

We even have a Facebook group called Sandwich Lovers Seoul to track down good sandwiches and to poke fun at Bob Kienzle’s photography.


There is a piece on ghosts in Seoul that highlights our Dark Side of Seoul Tour (p. 48). It’s a good read that gives a handful of stories that won’t make you look at the city the same way again. If you want to take the Dark Side of Seoul Tour, click here to RSVP.


You can listen to an interview about the Dark Side tour on Groove’s podcast at this link.

Can’t view it? Click here.

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