I’m a little late in sharing this, but there are still many issues out there. This month’s issue of 10 Magazine is the most food heavy (food heaviest?) edition since last year’s brunch feature. It’s been a few months in the works, combining the talents and efforts of some of the best food bloggers and writers in Korea, including the feature debut of Danny O’Sullivan, known as Street Foodie.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Feature: “Market Eats: A guide to Seoul’s market dining hot spots”
    • Plus markets around Korea
  • Poll results on top 10 best burgers, pizza and wings in Seoul
  • Chef Ciaran Hickey talks about Sujebi
  • Profile of Chef Sung-tae Lee at the Marriott Executive Apartments written by Paul “Ajosshi” Matthews
  • Pojangmacha (those night tents) written by Charles Montgomery
  • Restaurant reviews: Shy Bana, Song’s Kitchen (or Kitchen), Hotel Douce, Bo Chun Japanese diner, Sandwich House, Dimeo, Siingwa Nongbu, Coffee Tree on a Hill, Hangbang Wang Jokbal, Burger Hunter, Cafe Radio, LZone<–I wrote the first four

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