I was asked a few weeks ago to judge a kimchi jjigae cooking contest on Star King, a popular variety show on SBS. The first part will air this Saturday at 6:25 P.M. I don’t think I appear in this one, which is the preliminary round with a ton of contestants. But I saw a recap of that part, and it was exciting to watch. Funny, too. You don’t need to understand Korean to enjoy it.

The three-part episode, titled “요리킹 Yori King” (Cooking King) will air this Saturday, June 2nd, and June 9th, and June 16th.

I won’t give away any spoilers other than the final winner made a truly fine pot of kimchi jjigae.

Oh, and I also got to hang out a bit with Lee Teuk of Super Junior.

(was pretty simple)

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