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Restaurant Buzz Seoul

  • Brian tries out a new American-Chinese shop, Panda Express. Yes, that Panda Express. It’s in the food court at the Lotte Department Store in Myeong-dong. The verdict so far has been greasy and good.
  • Maloney’s does these Monday homemade specials. I was there on a Monday and asked the owner, Brendan Maloney himself, what that day’s special was. Cuban Sandwich. But the pork was still roasting in the oven. When I tried it, it was just like how I remembered Cuban Sandwiches back in Alabama (we’re close to Miami, right?). Other people tried it, and it became a hit and a regular menu staple.
  • Libertine Bar and Kitchen, run by Chef Drew Keith, is putting out some jaw dropping food porn stars these days.
  • The American BBQ trend continues with the opening of Holy Smoke in the HBC. Fat Girl’s review is here.
  • Route 66 in Itaewon is becoming the darling of the Food Lovers groups. Jo Mooney raves about their chicken wings.

Mexican Food Lovers Seoul

Pizza Lovers Seoul

The scary Domino’s World Cup pizza IRL. Credit: Max Watson

Sandwich Lovers Seoul

Booze Lovers Seoul

Korean Food Lovers Seoul

  • John Kim tells us about a 24-hour Jeon-eo shop in Hannam-dong, SoYangGang 소양강. Jeon-eo is “gizzard shad” in English, but that’s an awful name. Around this time of year, they get fatty, but their bones have hardened yet, so you can eat them bones and all. They have a mildly sweet flavor to them. Since you can eat the bones, they’re not fileted but just cut up. And eating them grilled whole is a special treat. Jeon-eo season is usually in October, but it started early this year.
  • So, the place near Linus’ BBQ supposedly has good Janchi Guksu.

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