Public Service: Tainted Foods to Avoid

NOTE: I’m moving this post back to the top because more stuff is still being found.

I’m going to maintain a list on this post of imported Chinese foods in Korea that could possibly be tainted with melamine.

  • MiSarang snacks
  • Nabisco’s Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches
  • Cadbury Chocolate
  • Danyang Day Bright’s Tasty Rice Crackers
  • Non-dairy creamer imported from Hong Kong (includes instant coffee packs)
  • Lipton Milk Tea Powder
  • M&M’s milk chocolate snack
  • Snickers peanut Fun Size
  • Kit Kat Mini chocolate bars
  • Lotte’s Choudy
  • Powdered egg white, powdered egg yolk and liquefied egg yolk from Dalian Hanovo Foods and Dalian Greensnow Egg Products Development (This is a hard one to pin down because powdered egg is used in bottled salad dressings.)
  • Also avoid cookies that look like these

CJ has said that it has regularly inspected Chinese raw materials in its products since 2006. Nongshim and Haitai Confectionary are setting up inspection processes post-melamine scandal. Haitai is also taking legal action against Chinese OEM manufacturer Carnival.


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