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I’m going to maintain a list on this post of imported Chinese foods in Korea that could possibly be tainted with melamine.

  • MiSarang snacks
  • Nabisco’s Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches
  • Cadbury Chocolate
  • Danyang Day Bright’s Tasty Rice Crackers
  • Non-dairy creamer imported from Hong Kong (includes instant coffee packs)
  • Lipton Milk Tea Powder
  • M&M’s milk chocolate snack
  • Snickers peanut Fun Size
  • Kit Kat Mini chocolate bars
  • Lotte’s Choudy
  • Powdered egg white, powdered egg yolk and liquefied egg yolk from Dalian Hanovo Foods and Dalian Greensnow Egg Products Development (This is a hard one to pin down because powdered egg is used in bottled salad dressings.)
  • Also avoid cookies that look like these [HT Korea Beat]

CJ has said that it has regularly inspected Chinese raw materials in its products since 2006. Nongshim and Haitai Confectionary are setting up inspection processes post-melamine scandal. Haitai is also taking legal action against Chinese OEM manufacturer Carnival.