ZenKimchi and Bloggers on KBS Monday

30 분 다큐” (30-minute Docu) featured Eun Jeong and me, along with bloggers Fatman Seoul, Seoul Eats, Roboseyo, and Kiss My Kimchi, about the promotion of Korean food abroad.

Catch it Monday evening at 8:30 on KBS2.


Buddhist Temple Style Watercress

SEOUL Magazine Article on Andrew Zimmern


4 thoughts on “ZenKimchi and Bloggers on KBS Monday”

  1. Joe / EunJeong,
    I have been enjoying your blog thru Google Reader. I have come back to Korea in March after 23 years of living overseas. I have just watched you guys on the TV. You are celebrities now! 🙂 Love your stuffs, and hope that we can go out for food and drinks sometime.


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