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My latest and final food column for SEOUL Magazine gives tips on what to eat if you have a limited time in town.  Get yourself a copy.



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4 thoughts on “Latest SEOUL Article”

  1. Have you thought about doing an article about All You Can Eat places popping up? Sizzler, VIPS, Seven Springs, and recently Todai (a Japanese chain… there’s one in Coex and one soon in Myeong dong). I’ve long considered “all you can eat” to be the four most beautiful words in the english language.

    • Seoul Mag is revamping to be more tourist oriented, so they’re dropping the food column. Don’t worry. I already have another gig lined up, and I’ll announce it soon.

  2. What? Tourists don’t want to know about Korea’s restaurant scene?! I think they’re being shortsighted by dropping your column.


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