Foodies in the JoongAng Daily

The JoongAng Daily has a piece on food bloggers, particularly Chalica Park of Vegetarian in Korea, Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats and there I am with the lovely Danielle Buckley of Wonju Wife (and Zenkimchi).

Foreign foodies flock to the Web


Banchan: Wine and Korean Food

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2 thoughts on “Foodies in the JoongAng Daily”

  1. Ugh! wish I could join you in the “foodie” circle. But I completely suck in my adventures lately. The most interesting thing I have eaten was a dolsot bibimbap at the local Lotte. I know there is good food out there, but feel held back by having to cook for my less than adventerous family. Plus I have a commissary to go to and am not forced in to adapting as much as the rest of you. My loss. I am living my food fantasies vicariously through you.


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