The new issue of 10 Magazine is out.  It covers where to find good beer in Korea and has tons of information on Christmas events so that you have no excuse to complain about doing nothing this year.

My articles covered the following restaurants:

Dongari – An excellent Japanese izakaya next to Seoul City Hall

Baru – Buddhist cuisine that doesn’t make omnivores pine for the missing meat

Daemyeong Ilshik – A sushi bar my friend Young introduced me to.  His recommendations are always good.

Praha Cafe – The new branch of Castle Praha, this time in Itaewon

I also interview Chef Eric Hausser, head of pastry at Guillaume, a true French bakery in Apgujeong.

Try to get yourself a hardcopy.  Or get a preview of it in PDF form here.  Or just head to the web site for even more stories and events.

For a little January preview, I’ll be covering a hamburger restaurant in the style of the current American hamburger renaissance, a nice little bunshik shack, a new brunch spot that may breathe new life into the brunch trend, an authentic Vietnamese place in Dongdaemun and I sit down with one of the most recognized and beloved figures in the Seoul food scene, my brotha!

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