Ten Reasons Not to Dine at My House

Under the High Chair has posted a top ten list that hits close to home.

Top Ten Things to Expect When Dining with a Food Blogger


ZenKimchi on Arirang (again)

More TV


1 thought on “Ten Reasons Not to Dine at My House”

  1. ZK, I’m guilty of some of the points presented by UHC. Only because: late lunch at 3:00 (gives us time to clean the house and not rush thru the cooking process), unexpected pics of guests eating (no lips close-up though) and arranging a very nice plate for picture (hubby does that, insisting it would look nicer on my blog). I do however serve the food hot and never slice the cake dessert or pie before hand. I do ask the the guest who receives the first slice to hold it for me for the camera. 🙂


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