Iron Chef for the Nintendo

Oh, this will be not be pretty…


A Month of Anticipation

I’m Off!


3 thoughts on “Iron Chef for the Nintendo”

  1. zk…i’d be interested to know your take on five spicest korean foods. for me, on top would be 쭈꾸미. i’m sure there are other spicier foods.

  2. Yeah, Nakji 낙지 and Jjuggumi 쭈꾸미 Bokkeum 보끔 (Stir-fried tiny octopi) are up there. Also Mae-eun GalbiJjim 매운 갈비찜, Dalk Bal 닭발 (Chicken Feet), BulDalk 불닭… those are the ones that make me suffer the next morning.

    There’s gotta be something I’m forgetting.


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