North Korea's First Foreign-owned Restaurant

A South Korean franchiser is going to open the first foreign-owned restaurant in North Korea–a fried chicken and beer joint.

Now, many insiders and observers pontificate about the political ramifications in the international sphere…

Mmm… chicken and beer…


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6 thoughts on “North Korea's First Foreign-owned Restaurant”

  1. It was even better the next morning

    And the next afternoon, and the next evening, and the morning after that….;-)

    Seriously, yum! I made quick work of that leftover oyster bisque, too. Next time I won’t wait so long when you say you want to have a holiday party!

  2. you are a brave brave cook!
    i tried making faux gras from chicken liver – try it next time. it’s not going to taste the same, but for a fraction of cost, its worth it to make. i have the recipe up on the site.

  3. Mmm…foie gras. The first time I had foie gras was here, in France, from a guy who makes
    it himself! You’re totally right in that it doesn’t taste like liver. It’s just lovely and buttery in

    Anyway, Korea and foie gras — I never would’ve thought of it. Do you mind if I ask you
    how much you paid for it? I paid 25 euros for a small jar (for about 4 people)…


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