Just a note that I’m getting paid (a little) to contribute food columns to K-Scene, the English language city magazine for Seoul. I’m technically a paid food writer!

My first two-page feature is in the current issue out around town, mostly in Itaewon, Gangnam/Apgujeong, and Hongdae. It’s a rewrite of three previous posts on the site, grilled intestines, gogi buffet, and grilled shellfish.

I’m putting the finishing touches on my next article on how to cook Mexican food in Korea. Cinco de Mayo and Children’s Day coincide, and I prefer to celebrate the former.

Again, I have a pile of posts in the works. I’m posting them as soon as I get time. Some day I may be able to be like Chez Pim and make this my full-time job. Yeah, right. 🙂

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