McDonald's Korea Now Has Breakfast

I know of a few people who would be pleased to know that McDonald’s Korea has introduced a “Morning Menu.”

There are four food items on the menu: McMuffins, Sausage McMuffins, Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffins, and Bacon Egg and Cheese McMuffins. The sets come with the same old McHashbrowns was all McKnow and McLove.

I had a Sausage McMuffin set this morning, and it warn’t too bad. I noticed that they do give my stomach more of a McBrick than they used to.

Update: We showed up again this morning for breakfast, and the Morning Menu was gone. The counter person said we couldn’t order any McMuffins because they were out of–the actual McMuffins. That’s okay. I’ve had my fill of Dirty Ron’s for a few months.


Dalk Doritang (닭도리탕)

Kebabs in Itaewon


4 thoughts on “McDonald's Korea Now Has Breakfast”

  1. I had seen that my local McD’s was going 24 hours. Then the thought occured to me: “What are they going to serve in the morning?”

    I got a tingle of excitement as I thought, “Could they be starting a breakfast menu?” I walked in and saw the pictures of McMuffins and hotcakes. Oh, joy.

    About once a week I go for a fix: the Sausage McMuffin “set” with a side of hotcakes.



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