From The L.A. Times
(Picture from The Los Angeles Times)

The L.A. Times has posted an article and a recipe for my favorite summertime food, Mul Naengmyeon 물 냉면. Lots of people have been asking how to make this at home, and I haven’t made it from scratch yet to give out a recipe — not when it just costs $4 to get myself a megabowl.

The article is another indication of the growing awareness of Korean food in the Americas. Yet I have an issue with a little statement in the article:

At the restaurant chain Yu Chun in Los Angeles, the broth is icy cold — with snowy, shaved ice piled on top. It’s not unheard of at restaurants here to find ice cubes floating in one’s broth, although the practice of adding ice isn’t de rigueur in the Koreas.

Who out there — those of you who have eaten Mul Naengmyeon in Korea — have NOT had shaved ice in their bowls? I’d return my bowl if it wasn’t there.

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