One of our favorite restaurants in Korea, Jung Sik Dang, has opened its doors to New Yorkers this week under the name Jung Sik. We were lucky enough to have dined at the original Jung Sik Dang just two months after it opened in 2009. To celebrate Jung Sik’s opening, here are a few posts and videos we have made of the Jung Sik Dang empire over the years.

Shin’s Yonhap article about Jung Sik opening in New York–one of very few interviews he gives these days

Video that includes our first time there and a small sound bite from Chef Yim Jung Sik

Review of JSD on ZenKimchi Dining

Review of JSD in 10 Magazine

Review of Jung Sik Dang ANZU in 10 Magazine

Blog post of Day 2 of our first big food tour, which includes JSD

Jung Sik Dang Photos

Jung Sik Dang ANZU Photos

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