Here is my latest feature article for Yonhap News.  I started working on this in Seoul then finished it when I came back to New York.  I am introducing a few different options for people who are considering a Korean cooking class in Seoul.  The table below didn’t make it to the article, but I thought some of you might find it useful.

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(Yonhap Feature) Visitors learn to make their own Korean dishes

By Shin Kim
Contributing writer
SEOUL, March 16 (Yonhap) — When Robin Searl came to Seoul from Hong Kong for a weekend getaway, she didn’t just settle for trying the local cuisine.  She learned to cook it herself.

“I just took a cooking class and I’m heading to the rice cake museum later,” she said.  “I like taking cooking classes when I go on vacation because I learn something new and I get to eat something delicious.  Besides, it’s fun.”

As Korean food gains recognition and popularity abroad, more visitors to Seoul are taking time to not only eat various Korean dishes, but also include hands-on Korean cooking classes as part of their itinerary.

There are a handful of culinary institutions in Seoul that offer various Korean cooking experiences, conducted by English- and Japanese-speaking chef instructors in classrooms equipped with cooking facilities.  These schools are located in the tourist and shopping districts, such as Insadong and Myeongdong in the heart of Seoul….

You can read the full article from the link here.

Yonhap Feature) For New Yorkers, cooking classes demystify Korean cuisine

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