The talk I did for the worldwide TED talent search is online, along with my Seoul compadres. I talked about the meteoric rise of Korean food. I did have a flub in the middle, but I recovered. Still makes me cringe to see that.

You can watch it here–and vote if you’re so inclined.

Joe McPherson: The meteoric rise of Korean food

Also watch the other great talks from that event.

Dong Woo Jang (age 14): Crafting the perfect bow – Dong Woo was one of the favorites. He has a hilarious story about his obsession with bowmaking. You really have to see it for yourself.

Jinsop Lee: Design that tantalizes the five senses – Jinsop and I became quick buddies. His Five Senses Scale is an interesting way to rate design. Stick around for the ending.

Soo-in Yang: My public installations, designed to engage – Super intelligent and sensitive dude. Soo-in’s designs freakin’ amaze me. He’s very much into interactivity with art and architectural projects.

Sherman Li: A new visual search technology for video – Visual search. You have to see the demo to believe it.

Hyeonseo Lee: Escaping North Korea – North Korean refugee, Hyeonseo Lee, describes her life and escape from North Korea.

Sokeel Park: How to solve a problem like North Korea – When Sokeel talks, the entire room goes quiet.

Jeongmee Yoon: An artist explores little girls’ love of pink – Super, super fascinating study on kids’ preferences for colors based on gender. The conclusion will surprise you.

Otto Ng: Canopying the desert for solar energy – Science fiction is reality. The visuals help show this clever idea for harnessing energy while also making the desert into farmland.

Kyla Mitsunaga: Why teachers must learn “with” their students – My buddy Kyla gives a fun talk on teaching, with flying objects thrown at the audience.

JT Singh: The power of cities – He’s young but really is full of perspective-changing ideas.

Lee Jang Sub: The natural beauty of street maps – I love maps. You should see the art this guy does with street maps.

Peter Lee: A game to connect us all – This was the most interactive talk. Game designer Peter Lee has us all play a game that makes us all get to know each other better.

Keehyun Ahn: A building from five shipping containers – I love this guy’s artwork. I also like how he approaches his art–with a big extended middle finger.

Gwon Osang: Making life-size sculptures out of photos – Another fascinating artist with somewhat creepy artwork–and I mean that as a compliment.

Ji-Hae Park: Bringing joy through the violin – The grand finale. Ji-Hae performs like a punk rocker.