NYT and Pajeon

The New York Times has a little piece and video on making Pajeon, the Korean pancakes that make great drinking food.


A Woman and Her Pigs Feet

Smothered Raw Crabs (GeiJang 게장)


18 thoughts on “NYT and Pajeon”

  1. Did I use skim milk? Nah, just whole milk with cream added. I guess you could do it with all cream, but that would be more expensive. I’m a cheapskate.

  2. i found some straining cloth at Lotte Mart that seems to work pretty well when making ricotta. It’s called “Cooking Paper” or “조리용여과지” on the package, and from the pictures on the back, it looks like it’s used to strain the ingredients to make a clear soup. In the utensils section on the first floor of the Seoul Station Lotte Mart.

  3. I’ve been meaning to make ricotta for a long time so that I could make a proper LASAGNA! But I held off do to a lack of cheese cloth, but now you’ve told me where to go–thanks.

  4. This seems almost exactly the same as the process I use for making paneer–the only difference is that I use vinegar to make paneer, which, btw, is wonderful fried with some herbs, red pepper powder, or whaqtever you like.

    As far as the cost goes–I don’t know that it is all that much cheaper than buying ricotta in the store–you need about a gallon of milk (about 6-8,000 won) to make about 400 grams of cheese, in my experience. However, it’s a good way to use up milk that would be left in the fridge to go bad otherwise.

  5. LOL! That sounds like something someone would come up with only if they were really stoned or something. I wonder what they were smoking out back while coming up with that idea?

  6. ROFL!!! That’s probably worse than the live octopus just for the simple fact they served you FROZEN fish and peanut butter with wasabi! I don’t know, maybe wasabi in peanut butter would taste good. What did it taste like Joe?

  7. Hey, could’nt you use a new, clean pair of pantyhose to strain this stuff with? Just wash and rinse them out real, real good first to remove any excess dyes in the pantyhose. Nude colored hose would probably have the least coloring to wash out. And should be easy to find. Even over there.

  8. I don’t see why not. Anything that is mesh like cheesecloth. I haven’t tried pantyhose because I’m not the type to have a pair lying around the house (at least I won’t admit to it).


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