I’m going to use this post as a bookmark for mentions of Korean food in people’s trend lists for 2009 or in their lists for 2008 best dishes.

I’m working on an article for SEOUL Magazine right now detailing two trends in Korean food itself that I think are growing: lamb in Korean restaurants and kebab stands.

Best of 2008

The Best 10 Dishes of 2008” – Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly (Korean blowfish)

The Best 10 New Restaurants of 2008” – Frank Bruni, The New York Times (

David Chang’s Momofuku Ko at #1)

Trends for 2009

2009 Food + Travel Predictions” – Gourmet Magazine (Korean cuisine)

Yummy new year: Twelve food predictions for 2009” – John Lehndorff and Marty Meitus, Rocky Mountain News (Korean fried chicken)

Food Trends for 2009” – Aimée Kligman, NY Ethnic Food Examiner (Pajeon)

Matthew Kang’s Food Insights: 2009 Food Trends” – Matthew Kang, Food GPS (Korean tacos)

“Consultants Predict 13 Top Restaurant and Hotel Food Trends for 2009” [PDF] – Joseph Baum and Michael Whiteman, Joseph Baum & Michael Whiteman Co. Inc. (Korean fried chicken, general Korean food, multicultural kimchi)

NOTE: Baum & Whiteman are the big guys in the food prediction category.  They predicted Korean food becoming a trend last year, too.

Tell me if you come across more articles or blog posts.

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