Korean Food in Saveur's 100

For the first time in its history, Saveur has crowd sourced its annual 100 List.  Of notable interest to Korean food fans, banchan (38) and ssam jang (57) made the list.

What do you think, Korean food or not, should have been there?


Is it Korean?

A Little Love for Maangchi


2 thoughts on “Korean Food in Saveur's 100”

  1. risotto. only because i started making it for the first time last year. heaven when it’s hot and creamy; heaven when you pat the cold leftovers into cakes, coat with panko and pan fry. no waste.

  2. I’ve been surprised at how many Americans know what banchan is. One of the first things they notice when going to a new Korean restaurant is the variety (or lack) of banchan, although it seems that Korean-American restaurants are more likely to serve the banchan as appetizers than as a part of the meal itself.


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