Photo by Oliver Plath

Ana Finel Honigman writes a story, picked up by the Korea Herald, on how Korean food is a hit with the hipster crowd in Berlin.

Every international city offers a mix of street foods, but for most cities the culinary culture is defined by a taste for a particular type of exotic cuisine. While London is as famous for its curries and high-end Indian food and New Yorkers take pride in their connoisseurship at Japanese sushi restaurants, Berliners routinely tuck into Thai or Vietnamese food when eating out. Now, thanks to the brilliant new Korean restaurants captivating the tastes of Berlin’s coolest foodies, Korean food is becoming a favored choice for one of Europe’s most international and progressive cities. As Berlin-based video artist Cecile Evans recounts, “There is a great range of Korean dining – from the ultra hardcore purists to some of the more dressed up places catering to the nouveau culture crowd. It’s all surprisingly fresh and the kimchi always has the obligatory kick – hard to find in spice-phobic Europe!”

Read more on the Herald site.

(HT to Edward)

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