4Hoteliers, a hospitality trade journal, has posted predictions on the food trends of 2008, written by the company that has created some of the highest profile restaurants in the world (the late Windows on the World in the World Trade Center, the Rainbow Room, and five three-star restaurants in New York). Here are some interesting notes.

  • “There’s a live-fire wave coming” – In other words, foods that are cooked over open flames will become popular, like yakitori, kebabs, satays–and well, galbi should fit right in there.
  • It points out the success of the Korean frozen yogurt chains as an example of a trend towards more niche restaurants.
  • Adding alcohol to strawberries and blackberries increases their antioxidant capacity. Not Korea-related, but interesting.
  • There’s a higher interest in the “odd parts” of animals that people used to reject, like cheeks, tails and bellies.
  • Expect to see more over-the-top look-at-me burgers like the $110 burger that includes Korean pears.
  • “Gastro-travel,” as I myself have said in the past, will be bigger, where people go on food tours and visit countries mainly to experience their food.
  • The article says Shouchu is outselling sake in Japan and is getting a foothold in the West, which, come on–it’s soju.
  • Finally, in its 2008 buzzwords it includes “Korean food,” saying, “we’re just starting to get comfortable with this cuisine.”

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