As I mentioned, I need a mid-afternoon snack. I find that a bag o’ nuts does me fine. My usual mixed nuts I couldn’t find at E-Mart. But I saw these.

Aw, I had to try it out.

Bamboo salt is a Korean way of making salt by putting brine into bamboo and roasting it over a fire multiple times. It’s supposed to have a lot of health properties. I’m not so sure about that–until we actually see the scientific method being applied to these claims. It’s also one of the most expensive salts in the world. Maybe they’ve come up with a cheaper industrial method to manufacture it because this nutsack was one of the cheapest of the lot.

This caught my eye.

98.53% Almonds. 0.51% Bamboo Salt.

So what’s the remaining 0.96%–PEOPLE???

The taste? They taste like salted almonds. If I didn’t know there was anything special about them, I’d notice nothing. But I do note a little foresty back note.

Hold on. One just fell down my shirt.

Like a roasted woody aroma. It’s very brief. Good almonds, though.

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