"Your Trash Smells Good"

Funny little things that make my entire day.

I wanted to make a gumbo this weekend. It took all day today. I burned one roux and had to start all over again. It turned out pretty good in the end. I cleaned up the house to get ready for Eun Jeong to return from her mother’s. Our “trash can” for food is a plastic bowl that could be doubled for tupperware (though we don’t do that).

I got into the elevator to dispose of the food garbage. On the ninth floor, an old lady joined me on the elevator. These moments are a little embarrassing because I have my garbage out for all to see… and smell.

She looked at me and looked back at the door. Then she turned around and said, “That smells tasty.”

That’s pretty cool when the neighbors say that even your garbage smells good.


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1 thought on “"Your Trash Smells Good"”

  1. that is very cool! No one has ever accused me or complimented me on having nice smelling garbage! Normally, I’m pinching my nose as i cart it down the elevator!!


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