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The modern fish taco was born in Baja California, although different kinds of fish tacos have been part of that Mexican state’s cuisine for centuries. I made a Korean fish taco with 된장 doenjang-glazed cod, Korean pear salsa and coleslaw (shredded cabbage or lettuce would work).

Savory Doenjang and sweet, crunchy Korean pears add texture to these fish tacos. (Tammy Quackenbush photo)

In November, U.S.-grown shingo pears are still in season, and ones imported from Korea are still readily available in many Korean grocery stores.

Korean-grown shingo pears are noticeably larger than their American siblings. Unlike some supersized fruit, the larger pears tend to be more crunchily juicy and sweet without being syrupy than the smaller versions. Cubed raw shingo pears refreshingly complement salads, sandwiches and salsas.

Doenjang-glazed Fish Tacos With Shingo Pear Salsa

(Makes two to four servings)

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