Food is Always Good Diplomacy, Especially BBQ

NPR recently aired a story about Bobby Egan of Hackensack, New Jersey, who owns Cubby’s BBQ Ribs. He’s become the leading go-between for the U.S. and North Korea over the years.

Egan, who has been cooking BBQ for twenty years and has been running the front of the house for five, has been the guy North Korea turns to when relations with the U.S. break down.

How did he get involved with North Korea?

During the 1980s, he got involved with Vietnam vet friends of his concerning MIA issues. He made good relations with the officials in Vietnam–so good that they recommended him to North Korea as a liaison.

He has since hosted the North Korean team during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and even answered calls from government officials from the register at Cubby’s.

I always said that food is the best diplomat. Click here to listen to the story. It’s fascinating.


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