Fast Food Dying in Korea?

The Korea Times posted an article stating that McDonald’s is closing its first store in Korea since it first stepped foot on the peninsula almost 20 years ago. McDonald’s official reason is that the rent is too high. Yet the article elaborates that conventional fast food hit its peak in 2002 and has been decaying amidst the “well being” craze.

I’d like to get some more figures and info about this.


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5 thoughts on “Fast Food Dying in Korea?”

  1. Over the past two or three years in Hongdae I’ve seen Burger King close and become Watson’s (no relation), and McDonald’s close and become A Twosome Place. However in Sinchon both McD’s and BK have moved to 24-hour schedules. KFC in Hongdae hasn’t missed a beat (but KFC Korea sucks, especially for the lack of mashed potatoes), and the KFC in Itaewon still maintains that ridiculously large 2-floor restaurant at the Hamilton Hotel. Also in Itaewon the BK closed it’s oversized two-floor place, with the often empty upper floor becoming The Coffee Bean and the first floor now vacant for a couple months. That said, BK opened up down the street in Itaewon in a obviously cheaper location. BK is also now opening a new place in Hongdae in an apparently cheaper location too.

    Fast Food restaurants don’t close in America. They’re like a cancer. It’s been said that fast food is on the decline in Korea, but it’ll never fade away completely. Krispy Kreame and Dunkin Donuts are doing quite well too–so much for “well-being”.

  2. I like how they say that closing of McDonald’s closing reflects a health kick but say nothing about the popularity of ramen and other “unhealthy” food.

  3. Generally speaking , fastfood is popular in Korea but with a Korean style . Most kids prefer a bulgogi burger from Lotteria than a western style burger .
    However , I don’t think the fastfood industry will become as dominant in Korea as in western countries . Fastfood e.g. pizza is way overpriced in Korea .
    Also they have a strong liking for their tradional Korean food such as rice and kimchi . Often they will choose this over a fastfood meal , unlike western kids .


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