Longtime Korea gadfly Michael Breen has posted a great tongue-in-cheek rundown of how Korea will be in 2068. Despite the head-scratching political overtones (“Many, including Korea, have adopted a flat tax regime”) and ironic cheerleading of its published source (“The Coryo Times, formerly known as the Korea Times, is the most widely read newspaper in the country and the leading daily in East Asia”), it’s particularly entertaining towards the end, where it comes to dining life.

The Korean diet has changed somewhat in recent decades and Koreans have developed a taste for what was once considered foreign food. Most small towns have Indian, Thai, Ethiopian and Lebanese restaurants.

With the departure of the Blue House to Gaeseong, the area around the old Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul is now a vibrant restaurant center featuring every type of cuisine imaginable. Several of the world’s top chefs work there and at any given time, two or three establishments feature in the Hankook Tire Guide’s list of top 20 restaurants in the world.

Pretty funny!

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